Before becoming a retirement home in 1964, Westwind Manor was the renowned historical estate, "Catlin House" in Franklin, New Jersey. In 1908, this turn-of-the-century mansion was specially built by the New Jersey Zinc Company for the Catlin Family. Robert M. Catlin was the mining superintendent of the Franklin mine from 1906-1930, and was celebrated as the "Man who saved Franklin". Catlin was accredited with bringing civilization to this rural area of Sussex County New Jersey by initiating the establishment of a hospital, high school, bank, community house and general store just to name a few of his accomplishments. Later, the town of Franklin, New Jersey, became the "Fluorescent Mineral Capital of the World". There is an aura about Westwind Manor that is steeped in history and pride, and is unlike any other assisted living community in the northern New Jersey area. Our assisted living program continues Robert Catlin's legacy of humanitarianism, and the betterment of our community but most importantly the lives of our residents.